Story Author Community Forum. Take this down too. Also will naruto in this Kaiju story be a bit different in your redo since naruto will be a bit more brutal because of Kaiju influence.

Good luck on all you redos. Ps can you try of rwby Kaiju xover of jaune getting the ability to change his armor into a certain Kaiju themed armor like Ezra requip magic. If you don't like this idea I understand I was only suggesting. Fucking Kishimoto lovers. You give mentioning to a plot here and there, but in all honesty this just ending up as a generic harem.

After reading the first two chapters I thought that this story had potential, or at the very least would be interesting. Im not hating it, but the story has problems and I just want you to be aware of them, from one writer to another.

What plot there is seems hallow and lacking, the characters seem to generic though that is right now and obviously this part could change in the futurelastly Naruto's kekki genkai, needed to be explored more instead of glossed over. It would have been interesting to have him train to utilize his powers and progressively become stronger, but alas you went for the generic route.

Out of the stories that have been made on this crossover section over the years yours is middle at best compared to quite a few that were taken though If that guy who wrote "Vessel of The Golden Dragon" was still here I would say that this section still had a chance but since he's gone this section will just become stale now like many others before it. It seems a little weird to me that only yours and one other's stories weren't directly harassed by trolls and haters, you should address this issue that it isn't right to harass writers over their works, if you got a writer's heart.

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If this isn't in the review section by next week then you apparently one of those guys that can't take Constructive criticism. Fanfiction is all good but your own health is more so. Even people in this crossover category have done that, Ares from FallenOlympian96 had college and lost his latest chapter, a couple others that are still around have gone long periods between postings, and I myself have had life rear its ugly head a couple times since my last update, so it's all good, just take your time.

Keep up the good work :. You do something and feel accomplished about it only to find out later you messed up somewhere and have to redo the whole thing again. Desktop Mode.

Sign Up. Terms of Service.He had black hair unlike his other siblings, Naruko and Menma, Menma had red hair while Naruko had yellow hair like her father. I don't care if they have more tails of chakra sealed into them!

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He bounced the child up and down to sooth the baby. I'm sorry. It was a hard choice to leave his son behind but, in his mind, it was necessary. All they need to do is master the chakra. She decided to go with the family along with Jiraiya so she could help train the family.

Minato looked over Hiruzen to see Orochimaru standing there. Orochimaru was a little sour because he lost the title of fourth Hokage to Minato but he got over it quickly. It is pathetic. Hiruzen bounced him a little bit again.

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I'm going to give him his own apartment that he can live in after he turns 8 from the orphanage. Minato began protesting but was cut off by Orochimaru. He is acting Hokage now, not you Minato. I only hope Naruto will forgive you in the future.

naruto neglected by family fanfiction summoner

The baby made a gurgling sound and clapped a little but the gurgling sound sounded a lot like bakas. Naruto ran into a nearby alley to get away from a few drunken Chunin who were chasing him. This would happen at least once a week. The highscore was They would hunt him down and beat him up to a bloody pulp and leave him to die. Naruto didn't know why they beat on him but they have been doing it ever since he was kicked out of the orphanage when he was 4.

Naruto Neglected By Family Fanfiction

On his fifth birthday, he was with the Third Hokage helping with stamps and sorting things. He loved his Jiji dearly and would do anything to "save his old bones" as Naruto would say it.

He also liked his Uncle Orochi as well. But his Uncle Orochi was gone a lot of the time.While we've done our best to make the core functionality of this site accessible without javascript, it will work better with it enabled.

Please consider turning it on! Remember Me.

Prologue 2. I Hate My Life 3. I Hate You 4. The Secret's Out I Never Had A Family 6. Let The Test Begin 7.

** MINATO BLAZING BASH SUMMONS (where is kushina?) * - ** Naruto Ultimate Ninja Blazing *

I'm Counting On You Mito-chan 9. Just Sexually Harassing an Uchiha So We Meet Again, Moomoo-sensei My First Kiss Just Hanging With My Bro You Guys Are Perverts Have Fun In Hell Gato Thanks Sakura-chan Is Something Wrong Bakashi? See, Your In Denial Sasu-chan She Didn't Deny It Yeah, and ROOT doesn't exist Mina-Toy Gaara's On His Man Period. I'm sitting on the railing of the roof of the academy, waiting for Kakashi and his team to show up.

I'm in my ANBU gear, mask included. I catch a window sill and pull myself up. I look up and see a duckass, cotton candy, Mito, and Kakashi. Kakashi sweat drops, "Uhh, meet me on the roof. I growl and walk up with the genin.While we've done our best to make the core functionality of this site accessible without javascript, it will work better with it enabled.

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naruto neglected by family fanfiction summoner

Remember Me. Prologue 2. I Hate My Life 3. I Hate You 4. The Secret's Out I Never Had A Family 6. Let The Test Begin 7. I'm Counting On You Mito-chan 9. Just Sexually Harassing an Uchiha So We Meet Again, Moomoo-sensei My First Kiss Just Hanging With My Bro You Guys Are Perverts Have Fun In Hell Gato Thanks Sakura-chan Is Something Wrong Bakashi? See, Your In Denial Sasu-chan She Didn't Deny It Yeah, and ROOT doesn't exist Mina-Toy Gaara's On His Man Period. They seemed to snap out of their trance.

I snort and glare coldly, "So, Hokage-sama, you finally noticed your only son is an ANBU, a black ops captain no less, that you have seen nearly every day. I'm guessing you never would've noticed if your precious baby girl didn't tell you. They look down ashamed. Mito speaks up, "Naru-nii, will you be my team's assistant teacher of something? I roll my eyes and walk to my room. I strip off my ANBU gear and change into a white t-shirt and black sweatpants.

I grab a blank scroll and write a list of people I would sacrifice to Kurama if I lose the bet. I begrudgingly roll out of my seat and walk towards the dinning room. I sit in a chair with Mito to my left and Minato and Kushina in front of us.

Minato freezes, "You always take the most dangerous and longest missions. Naruto, don't you know how dangerous those are!There was a large mob of angry villagers and ninja surrounding a small apartment that was on fire.

The mob broke apart and went their separate ways. No one saw a small soot covered mouse scramble out of the debris and scurry away. Danzo hummed in agreement as he sacrificed his pawn "it's hard to believe Naruto has been a member of my ROOT division for 7 years now and it has nothing to do with those bloodlines".

Danzo sighed "I know, he asked me to run background checks again which is a good practice anyway, but he's clearly still freaked out about what happened to Naruto when he was I think finding Naruto floating in that large capsule was the scariest thing i've seen Hiruzen nodded "for me to and Naruto would be dead if Orochimaru didn't stablize him in time Hiruzen chuckled "they are all incredible so it's hard to chose Orochimaru then adopted Naruto.

They knew who it was. There was something hysterical about a mouse doing the butterfly stroke. Suddenly the mouse went from a tiny mouse to a 6' 3" tall blue eyed blonde 17 year old boy in a neon orange jumpsuit. Naruto sheepishly scratched the whisker marks on his cheek "sorry about that Jiji, today was the annual burning of the Demon's Dwelling" Sarutobi and Danzo frowned at that, they hated the way boy they considered a grandson was treated.

Orochimaru rolled his eyes "don't those stupid villagers get bored? Good thing they haven't figured out that your apartments are only decoys and not where you live" he said as he set his papers down on the coffee table and gave Naruto a hug. Danzo pulled out a scroll from his yukata and gave it to Naruto "here this mission will get you away for a while.

Just leave a clone to take your place at the academy like always". Cool, I better pack and get out of this god awful jumpsuit! Thank you Opa! He was found near a shipwreck after a bad storm as a child and was taken to the newly built village called Konoha where he stayed. Though young, Danzo knew a lot about the places beyond the elemental nations and it's because of him that Konoha was the first ninja village to take missions in foreign countries in the form of the ROOT anbu division I was bored Orochimaru was fussing "Be safe.

Remember to check in once get to airport Naruto cut him off with a hug "I know Dad I will check in as much as possible, promise" he gave Orochimaru a kiss on the cheek "bye Jiji" give Sarutobi a hug "bye Opa" gives Danzo a hug. Just before Naruto leaves he says "Oh and Dad don't let Scarface keep you up all night" Naruto laughed as he ducked a kunai, which was thrown by a red faced snake sannin, and vanished in a smokeless, sealless, leafless body flicker. The flight was uneventful and Naruto was able to find a good hotel for the next 5 nights.

Naruto was able to find his target in only a couple hours and kept tabs on him with clones until any evidence of illegal activity comes up, which is what he was hired to find. At first he thought it was a regular 'spy on a corrupt business man' kind of mission, but then he noticed the body guards.

Both were S ranked ninja in the Bingo book. If this guy was in league with ninja this could be a problem.Wow, the amount of people following my story shocked me, thank you for doing this, as i promised here is the second chapter, also some of you may question of what category the biju would fit so here is what it would be like.

I dunno if i would bring in the Juubi but if i did there would be a climatic battle of gods with Erebus using either the 6 Heroes or a god to tackle the Juubi. To me prophecy's are riddles to which i suck at. A powerful and hurtful word that no-one should ever both hear and witness, the consequences of Neglect are variable, it can lead to Betrayal, Murder, Theft, No Trust and many other things, unfortunately a single Six year old Blonde Boy is one that has been the target of the vile word and his name is: Naruto Uzumaki-Namikaze the son of Both Minato Namizake the Yondaime Hokage of Konoha and Kushina Uzimaki-Namikaze aka The Red Death, both famous legend's among The Elemental Nation's.

Why you ask of why Naruto has been neglected? There is a very simple reason for that: The Kyuubi. You see Six year's ago The Kyuubi was released from Naruto's mother when she was giving birth to triplets, the one who released the Kyuubi was a man with a orange spiral mask claiming to be "Madara Uchiha", a man that is feared throughout the nation's. Naruto's father Minato confronted the man in a small battle before he retreated after Minato slammed a Rasengan straight into his back.

After he retreated the Kyuubi who was once controlled by the Uchiha broke free from the Genjutsu and was running amock. Fortunately Minato and his toad Summons Gamabunta arrived in time and battle the Kyuubi while Minato was preparing the ultimate Sacrifice: To seal away the Kyuubi into his children. In his arms he has his Children: Menma, Mito and Naruto, his plan was to seal the Chakra of the beast into Menma and Mito with the soul going to Naruto.

As he finishes the sealing of the Kyuubi and was awaiting the Shinigami a deity of death to take his soul it merely looked up as if in thought before it recited something to the Hokage. After that is said the Shinigami merely left a dumbfounded Hokage with three crying children. After that he returned to his village with his three sleeping children to assess the damage and report as to what happened. Needless to say as soon as he reported of what happened to the Kyuubi to the council many calls were shouted out for the death of Naruto from the Civilians thinking that the Soul had taken over the boy.

After that was shouted out Minato had to make it a S-Class law to not speak of Naruto holding the soul of the Kyuubi. Once he and his Children returned to their house he relayed the Prophecy the Shinigami spoke of to Kushina, Jiraiya and Tsunade who all agreed to train Menma and Mito believing them to be the one spoken of in the Prophecy. After that was said young Naruto was neglected from many things including Training, Social outings, Three birthday and had no friends except two people: Hinata Hyuuga and Itachi Uchiha.

How he met these 2? Well that's a simple story, He met Hinata Hyuuga 2 Years ago when she was being bullied because of her clan by 3 boy's a bit older than them both who were picking on her, needless to say when Naruto saw this he charged in and using the small training he witnessed his Cherished sibling's do he fought them back, though he did get a bit bruised to which they ran off crying. After that confrontation he became friend's with Hinata and learned that she was the heir of the Hyuuga clan and unaware that Hinata started to like Naruto after him saving her.

Now then, he met Itachi Uchiha the one who was leading to be the clan heir of the Uchiha clan one year after he helped Hinata, they both met when Itachi was saving Naruto from some drunken stupid villager's beating up Naruto thinking he was the Kyuubi incarnate.Summary: A child neglected by his family embarks on the journey of a lifetime. Watch as he rises into what he was always meant to be: a legend, along with those by his side.

Our story begins on a crisp Konoha night five years after the Kyuubi was defeated by the Yomdaime Hokage Minato Namikaze. In doing so, he split the Kyuubi into three portions: he sealed the yang portion into his youngest child Menma, the yin was split between his wife Kushina and his second eldest child Kimi, leaving Naruto with the soul.

When it was announced Kyuubi had been defeated, Minato presented his children as the "heroes of Konoha.

naruto neglected by family fanfiction summoner

You see, when people saw six nearly nonexistent whisker marks on his face, the populace had instantly deemed him "Kyuubi reincarnated. After talking with Kushina, and their friend Tsunade, Minato allowed Menma and Kimi to start their ninja training, and started ignoring and neglecting Naruto. A 5-year old Naruto was running through the village with a mob of villagers and shinobi hot on his heels.

It wasn't long before he saw a familiar mop of white hair and crystal blue eyes. Wasting no time, Yukina grabbed Naruto and threw him over her shoulder, and ran. Unfortunately, they didn't make it far, before the duo was cornered.

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Yukina began frantically flaring her chakra, trying to get help. In a flash, the villager was on the ground decapitated, courtesy of a swan-masked Anbu.

My Fanfic, the Abandoned Child! Chapter 1!

Yukina then held up her penguin mask, enjoying the looks of complete and utter mortification on the faces of the mob. Once the mob was gone, Hiruzen looked at Naruto. Yukina then scooped Naruto up in her arms. The group had arrived safely, with a sleeping Naruto still in Yukina's arms. Ayame's right" Yukina said, as she gently handed Naruto over to the ramen waitress.

Each girl softly kissed his forehead, before they left. While this happened, Naruto was having another meeting of sorts. Naruto awoke in front of a large cage. In a brilliant flash of light, Kyuubi was now a beautiful young woman with brilliant crimson hair, and purple slitted eyes. She wore a matching kimono with kitsunes adorning it.

Soon, ten other young women appeared. After twenty minutes of non-stop laughter, and Kiri passing out from lack of oxygen, and Naruto reviving her things went serious.

All eleven looked at each other before nodding. Bio: Menma is Naruto's younger brother. He absolutely hates Naruto, always viewing his brother as inferior to him. He believes only strength is everything. Bio: Kimi's is Naruto's younger sister. She is more level-headed than Menma, but acts cold towards Naruto.

She, however does side with Naruto on the fact strength isn't everything. Secondly, since I get many reviews about my harem list, rather the number of girls, I apologize, but that's just my style. Finally, the good stuff. Naruto will have fifteen summoning contracts.